Hi there!

I am Roel Vaneyghen, full-stack Javascript engineer with a passion for building online businesses.

My main focus at the moment is growing Urban Hunt together with my co-founder. We develop playful city games for families and businesses.

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On the side I am working on:

  • Kwis.app
    A fun quiz experience for the family.
  • Bookfast
    A booking platform for workshops and events.
  • Freelance projects
    I occasionally help others with their tech.

Some of my past projects:

  • Clickit co-founder (2014-18)
    Photography workshops and educational programs for kids.
    Acquired in Q4/2019
  • Trouwen in Beeld co-founder (2013-17)
    Wedding photography.
    Acquired in Q4/2019
  • Ralph Starck co-founder (2011-18)
    Film, photography and motion design.
    Acquired in Q4/2019

Social: LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

Last update: Feb 16, 2023